Friday, 27 June 2014

Mobile Security Services - Calgary

Mobile Security with complete peace of mind - Calgary

ISS Security recently developed a  real-time reporting and location verification technology software for mobile security services. This will enable our clients to have 100% peace of mind. This will eliminate all service problems e.g Less #trips to sites than promised to clients and false reporting Improper inspection when on site,. But how? 

We are required to visit at site at onset of new service agreement define a virtual fence for each site, incorporating geofencing concept. We will also be required to set inspection criteria with the help of clients. 
1.  When ISS Security Unit arrives on site, it must pass thru the Geo Fence boundary, which will be stored as arrival time. Similarly, when the unit leaves and passes thru the Geo fence boundary that will stored as departure time. These two times will be used to calculate trip duration. 
2. To restrict false information, mobile security unit must be present within the marked boundaries or virtual fence. Once Security officer attempts to upload information it will match the unit current geo coordinates of mobile unit and Geo coordinates specified initially to set the fence of a specfic site, if they are within the range information will be uploaded if they dont information will be rejected. 
3. Lets say the mobile unit and security guard is present with the virtual fence of a site. Security guard will be granted access to the site and site criteria initially set by client and ISS security consultants. Guard will be able to see that what is expected of him to successfully inspect the property. Then he will upload the required information . As soon as guard hit send the information will be uploaded to the server.
4. Guard can upload different inspection details, pictures, disturbances, his recommendations  and notes.
5. Client will be provided with a username and password, which will allow the client to loin and view information at any time. This provides clients with peace of mind that they can login in any second and received updates from their site. They will be able to know what time the last patrol was performed and what kind of inspections were carried out. If there were any issues or all went well. Client can also request daily email reports for the night.

We provide the quality security patrols with location verification and real-time reports at a very normal cost in the city of Calgary, AB. Our services are very affordable and comforting  to our clients. Call us now to discuss more. 

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