Thursday, 25 September 2014

Security Industry Epidemic - Problems with firms

Problem with Security Industry that has become norm
  • Lack of coordination and communication between guards and management side.
  • Unmotivated, underpaid, little or no benefits and unqualified guards.
  • Absence of training, and post-order resulting in lack of job understanding and their role   as security officer for that specific location.
  • Almost no field supervision, site audits or random checks. Guards have very minimal help or guidance available from management to discuss and resolve field problems and in some cases prevention prior to escalation.
  •  High guard turnover.
  • Company has no control over guards, basically zero enforcement.
  •   Sending a constant stream of different guards to the customer can cause significant dissatisfaction.
  • Management types in most companies are not management material but rather have risen through the ranks of the companies.
 Mobile Security Patrols
  • Issue with MobileSecurity officer is not spending enough times, doing require number of trips, and performing required inspections.
The security guard business should be a highly paid industry, but it’s not and for one reason. Too much competition that keeps contracts depressed. Some companies(mostly new)will  offer any price to get the contract and pay lowest wage without any benefits to increase their profit margin. You cant find good,reliable, and qualified employee at such wages or if you find them cant hang on to them for too long, which leads to turn-over. These are companies that are run by people that don’t really care about the people they employ or the people they work for, just as long as they keep a cash flow going and have minimal tax right offs they will continue to underbid and keep prices depressed.

Please do leave your opinions and feedback or if you believe if there are other factors contributing to this as well. 

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